you have to look at the bigger picture of life. While it is easy to ignore the happenings of our neighbors, there are times where you just have to stop and see what can be done to help. There are people, of no fault of their own, who end up in our own worst nightmares. Between this volatile housing market and with iffy employment available, living in this day and age has gotten harder and more expensive from when we were kids. And sometimes, when one thing crumbles, it starts a rippling effect onto everything and our neighbors end up on our streets. Homelessness is not confined to our major metropolitan areas, but right in our own backyards. Its hard to imagine in our rural areas, there are people who struggling with providing for their families, but it IS a reality that many do face. And THAT is where Homeless Solutions come in.

Providing a Hand UP, Not a HandOUT

This is Homeless Solutions' motto. Who is Homeless Solutions? Well, they are this amazing organization whose goal is to help as many of the homeless in Morris County, NJ as they can. They have several services for those in need, including a main shelter, transitional housing, outreach, senior housing, and housing development.

This event, their main fundraiser for the year, aims to not only fundraise, but celebrate. Awards are given for volunteers whose service has been exceptional and to hear stories from those who have gone through the program and succeeded. Money is raised, tears are shed, fun is had. To say being a part, however small, brings a sense of pride to all who attend the event.

There is a live and silent auction with prizes and gifts you can only dream of. Music provided by Total Soul gets the feet moving and the delightful food of the Westin Governor Morris to enjoy.

We learned that night that there are 800 families in Morris County who are struggling with homelessness; double from last year. That breaks my heart. If it breaks yours as well, consider donating. Money, supplies, time. All are of equitable value. Link is below. I am PROUD to assist with this amazing organization. Come help me help them.