The Academy

Getting the first 10,000 out of the way

They say that the first 10,000 photos you take are your worst. I hate to say it, but wow is that statement true. I can fully see the transition of the quality of my work through the years as I learn, and continue to learn. Photography, like most things in life, take practice and time. Lets get you started on the right foot and on the right path to becoming a better photographer.

For those like me and learn on a more hands on basis, The Academy at SMPhotos is the place for you. Each class is scheduled around your time availability and designed to help you learn the different aspects of photography. We welcome all skill levels; its about expanding your knowledge base, as no one is prefect. Each class is an hour with on the field examples and work.

Anti Auto

New cameras are so exciting, until the camera does not take the photo you want. That is because the camera is doing all the thinking and we need to take that control back. In this class, we discuss things like the exposure triangle, focus modes, white balance and more to get you off Auto mode and into creating your own art.

Composition in the Field

Sometimes, all you need to take a picture to a piece of art is just how you take the picture. This class goes over composition and how that can change the way your pictures look, right in camera.

Posing 101

In this lecture, we will discuss the art of posing people. Women and men photograph differently and sometimes, a little tweak will change the entire feel and mood of the photo. Learn how to guide your family and friends into the best pose for them, while getting the best photo for the situation.

Post Processing, Simplified

It is no secret that almost all photos have some level of edits after they are taken. Look at all the filters we have now. But, to take them to the next level, we will go over the essentials of Lightroom and/or Photoshop. These programs, while they look scary, are just another tool to use to create art.