Facts about me

I have decades of photography experience, 4 in portraits alone.

I am a passionate cat mom.

Portraits are my favorite types of photos as every person is different, which makes each image, and client, beautiful.

I listen to all music and feel that music helps bring a version of ourselves to the forefront we normally do not get a chance to see.

I laugh at EVERYTHING. Laughter is my coping mechanism and ice breaker. If I can make someone laugh, it is a win for me.

Photography is FUN. Can it be intimidating, of course, but like everything else in life, its nothing to take too seriously. Trust me, it comes through the camera.

I am loud. My volume button is stuck at 10 so I promise you cant loose me. And if you cannot hear me, you sure will see me (I am 6ft tall)



Mahawa j.

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"Excellent,flexible, friendly and professional person to work with. She'll go above and beyond make sure you get your money worth. She's a wonderful human being to be around and work with. if you want to book somebody, she's the perfect person."

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