Does anyone really know how HARD it is to write about yourself? Anyone else hate it as much as me? If you said yes to both, you have reached your photographic soul sister.

So besides my outright distaste for bios, I am a northern NJ photographer with a passion for live performances, female empowerment, and cracking jokes to get the genuine smiles of my clientele. Now, besides my sassy sense of humor and wit, why work with me?

My goals are simple... get my clients the imagery they want in a professional, and timely manner. I listen to what my client needs are and work with my client to get exactly what they need. I get true enjoyment in getting that moment in a show, showing a woman how amazing she can be, or helping someone get that job with a killer headshot.

Facts about me

I have decades of photography experience, 5 in portraits alone.

Feel awkward in front of the camera? I got you. I will direct and do my best to make you laugh and have fun (and I bet I am way more awkward than you).

I grew up on old school musicals. Personal favorites include White Christmas, Oklahoma, Singing in the Rain, and The King and I. I do warn, I will sing along with White Christmas... every song. (and I really shouldn't be singing). Rent and Hairspray are some of my more modern favorites.

I am a passionate cat mom. (bonus points if you can spot my fur child in the picture... cause you know he had to photobomb)

While I love shooting portraits, my passion as a photographer has come full circle to performance art. I love watching the story unfold and capturing parts of it.

I listen to all music and feel that music helps bring a version of ourselves to the forefront we normally do not get a chance to see.

I laugh at EVERYTHING. Laughter is my coping mechanism and ice breaker. If I can make someone laugh, it is a win for me.

Photography is FUN. Can it be intimidating, of course, but like everything else in life, its nothing to take too seriously. Trust me, it comes through the camera.

I am loud. My volume button is stuck at 10 so I promise you cant loose me. And if you cannot hear me, you sure will see me (I am 6ft tall)



Mahawa j.

1 / 5

"Excellent,flexible, friendly and professional person to work with. She'll go above and beyond make sure you get your money worth. She's a wonderful human being to be around and work with. if you want to book somebody, she's the perfect person."

1 / 5